80 Followers Contest Cancelled! 90 Followers Raffle!

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Yuki's Dreams

So I’m canceling the 80 followers contest 😛 I’m having a 90 followers giveaway! Here is proof we got 90

90 Congrats Blog! 😛

So in this Giveaway I will be giving away many stupid items 😛

~ Yuki-Chan’s account for a month

~ The password to Yuki’s Diary

~ A Post All About You!

~ A Shoutout!

~ Yuki-Chan’s moshi monsters account for a month (if anyones plays)

~ Anything you want!

~ A custom edit and header!

~ A custom signature!

~ An embarrassing fact about Yuki *hides*

Now how to enter 😛

One entry for doing all of this

~Like the post

~Comment “90 followers”

Extra Entries For

~Re-blogging This Post (Two entries)

~ Making Yuki Something (Three entries)

HAPPY 90 FOLLOWERS DAY!!! Also I’ll be randomizing it 7 times because 7 is Yuki-Chan’s lucky number!


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What Happened? #ChangeIT


Yuki's Dreams

So lemme just get to the point… WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING TO OUR COMMUNITY?!?! So I understand school and all but people are thinking/already quit! It’s not just the beloved Bambi, it’s many others too who are thinking about quitting. We need to fix all of this! Like remember a few months back before all the drama? Wasn’t this a peaceful community??? We all need to change the blogging community and bring it back to the right, peaceful way! It might not be my place to talk but we must fix this now! Who is with me! #ChangeIT


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